In Hardwood Groves EP


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released March 21, 2012

All Instrumentation written and performed by Stephan Nordgren
Produced by Jay Maas at Getaway Recording
Photography by Jonathan Backer



all rights reserved


SEBIO Boston, Massachusetts

Stephan Nordgren- Guitar, Lead vocals

Erica Belden - Bass

Brett Pieper - Drums

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Track Name: Intro
I defy gravity, I can lie actually
Better than you can to your mothers
I can sigh in apathy, Try to listen passively
The same way you treated your brothers
So step to the side, this is the time to just stand up, man up
Step to the side, this is the time to stand up
Track Name: Undefined Arrival
So we pick up remaining pieces and fragments
Find the edge, fit the corner so the picture starts to mend
This jigsaw, Is a big flaw
We just tidy up the rubble, we just tried to be another

All the signs and the streets are all gone
Should have known they would take us back home
To the places that we used to know
Am I an undefined arrival?
Track Name: Ephemeral
I sprung a leak I'm draining now, I'm running out
The waters over your head now, your mouths a drought
The pictures rolling but your not in the frame
Your scene was over, an ephemeral candle flame

I hid the lies behind your eyes, my tongue was tied
When your all used up they'll ring you dry of your own supplies
The pictures rolling but your not in the frame
Your scene was over, an ephemeral candle flame

We will set you up, so your tires hug the rut
You swore you'd cut your nooses loose from the rafters they built up for you
Your just swinging back and fourth until they do
(You only held yourself accountable when your already gone
so set alarms for early hours we may just meet before the dawn)
Track Name: Tread
Caught in the ropes now, you're hanging on by a thread
Fell to the bottom, fingers they fled from the grip
Faith weighs you heavy, it's getting much harder to tread
And to stay with your anchor, you left it to stray from the ship

Build up your house by the shore, let the waves be the guest at the door
When the bolts and screws have shaken loose, you'll be the one to choose
Sink or swim, your just facing the tide

Sew up the seams just so I can hide all of the bones and the twine that hold me together
Mender, keep me from falling apart
Its the end of an era the cost of our war, we fought through the battle but lost at the core
The weight that was lifted was only the sign of a storm that's rolling in
Track Name: Cozenages
You can haul your weight with horses, you can put your faith in gold
You can use what you've been given but you'll reap just what you sow
But if bitterness is driving your car behind the wheel
You can use your eyes but it's no surprise you wont be able to steer

I won't be disguised, no I won't see with fable eyes
You're holding up those ties as if they made you immortalized
Caught in your moment, now you're wasting away, you're just wasting away

You will recognize a rhythm in a song we once would play
So I took whats mine and erased your lines, They'll be nothing left to say
You're holding on to something, though the rope will leave a burn
You can hang on tough till your strength's used up, whatever it takes to learn

And if you think you've seen the bottom, you're just scratching at the surface
You deserve this for what you've done
But if the future seems uncertain you can just pretend my good friend
I won't be there before the end
Track Name: In Hardwood Groves
Son, look out there, you've been paying off without it
What's it gotta take for you to see this?

So wheres your head?
You've been playing dead
You're rolling over in your grave again

Son, take your time, but keep it on a leash with a sharp eye
Its not a long way down the road
You'll be there before you know

In hardwood groves we learned to grow
And wear our regrets like a shield of gold